The Scaffolding Association Queensland represents the interests of the industry to Government, Unions, Customers and the general public. The Association is looked too for guidance on technical or operational needs in the industry.


Stay up to date – Be up to date with the latest details and information affecting the scaffolding and the building industry. Any changes in legislative or Health and Safety requirements will be heard first through our informative website, General Meetings and newsletters.


Knowledge base   – The Association brings together leaders from the industry who give their time willingly and are happy to assist members or give direction if needed.  Our general meetings are a great place to ask questions or assist others who may have similar concerns.


Current membership is from the 1st of July 2017 to the 30th of June 2018


Scaffolding Association Queensland members are recognised as leaders with integrity and ethics throughout the building and construction industry. Members can utilise the logo on vehicles, website or business stationery.


In addition to this, SAQ members also have access to “Members Only” information on our website and LinkedIn Group, and will receive regular newsletters to keep them informed on the movements of the SAQ and the industry in general. Being a member of the SAQ means that you will be the first to know of any changes or happenings within the scaffolding industry.