We Provide Support & Advice in the Scaffolding Industry

The Scaffolding Association Queensland (SAQ) was formed in 1994 to increase the level of professionalism in an industry too often ignored or misrepresented in the building process. Before the Scaffolding Association Queensland was formed, Queensland’s scaffolding industry had no organisation to represent their industry.

Since forming in 1994, the SAQ has represented its membership in dealings with State and Federal agencies from associated industries. The SAQ has also developed a successful track record lobbying Government and representing SAQ members in meetings with Government organisations. The hard work and commitment of members of the SAQ has also helped improve training and safety standards for scaffolding workers in Queensland.

Over the past 24 years, the SAQ has helped members enhance and expand their businesses by providing support and advice with business management skills as well as updates on technological advances in the scaffolding industry and updates to scaffolding legislation.

For further information on the Scaffolding Association Queensland or details on applying for Membership or Associate Membership please contact the SAQ committee.