Scaffolding Association Queensland – Goals & Objectives

The mission of the Scaffolding Association Queensland is to represent, enhance and promote the scaffold industry in Queensland. This mission incorporates educating and developing the capabilities of members and associate members.

As part of this mission the Scaffolding Association Queensland endeavours to:

  1. Promote and maintain a professional image of the scaffolding industry in Queensland
  2. Raise the visibility and influence of the scaffolding industry in Queensland
  3. Help develop and promote sensible and consistent legislation for scaffold safety
  4. Increase awareness amongst SAQ members of technological advances in the scaffolding industry with regard to its products, services and practices
  5. Assist SAQ members in becoming more efficient and successful in their business practice
  6. Promote consistency in the training and workplace education of scaffolding workers in Queensland
  7. Provide a forum for members to expand their professional knowledge and capabilities