Keeping your Scaffolding Compliant: How HILTI can help

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Australia’s scaffolding regulations are changing, suggesting safe work methods need to be in place. Here’s how Hilti can help.

The recent changes to scaffolding compliance in Australia suggests that there has never been a more important moment to ensure your complete installation system meets the latest Australian standard.

To assist contractors, design engineers and builders in Queensland with compliance, Hilti has developed an end-to-end scaffolding application system. This comes complete with our professional engineering support.

Hilti’s complete installation system is designed to meet compliance regulations from start to finish, while also making your scaffolding application as efficient and straightforward as possible. The Hilti complete installation system include the following items:

  • HUS3-H 14 anchors and check gauge
  • TE 4-A22 rotary hammer with a DRS (dust removal system) attachment and TE-CX 14 mm drill bit
  • SIW 22T-A impact wrench


HUS3-H 14 anchors and check gauge

HUS3-H 8/10/14 Ultimate-performance screw anchor with hex head (carbon steel)

The Hilti reusable HUS 3-H 14 anchor is a product which has gone through testings to receive an European Technical Assessment (ETA) that shows method of compliance to AS 5216: 2018, hence meeting the requirements of the latest published scaffolding standard AS 1576.1: 2019.

Furthermore, the Hilti HUS 3-H 14 anchor has received additional DiBt approvals for reuse in temporary fastening applications due to an innovative check gauge. This unique and advanced method of checking can help with determining whether a given anchor can still be reused (typically between 6-10 times), which significantly lowering operational costs.

Whilst setting the HUS3-H 14 anchor, the anchor may be reused if the thread does not protrude through the check gauge. If the anchor does protrude through the check gauge, this indicates that the threads on the anchor have been worn too far and the anchor is no longer safe.

Additionally, the HUS3-H 14 anchor can be tested using a pull-out tester (Hilti HAT 28) by trained personnel. This is a service that can be provided by Hilti.


TE 4-A22 rotary hammer with a DRS (dust removal system) attachment and TE-CX 14 mm drill bit

Dust removal system TE DRS-4-A case On-board vacuum system for convenient dust collection

 In addition to complying with the standard by using an ETA approved anchor, our Hilti TE 4-A22 rotary hammer with the DRS (dust removal system) attachment and the TE-CX 14mm drill bit helps to mitigate dust-related risks on your site.

The DRS contains an M class filter which will help to eliminate dust as you drill; furthermore, the HUS3-H 14 anchor has received approvals for no-cleaning. By eliminating the need for a designated cleaning stage, not only does this reduce the risks of staff contracting silicosis, but it also speeds up the anchor installation process.


SIW 22T-A impact wrench

Cordl. impact wrench SIW 22T-A 1/2" case Power class 22V cordless high-torque impact wrench with 1/2" ball detent pin connection end and robust anvil for demanding applications in the steel, metal and wood structural trades

To be compliant with the Code of Practice, our SIW 22T-A impact wrench is required. This is due to the fact that the Code of Practice (currently awaiting ministerial approval), specifies that the manufacturer shall provide detailed installation requirements for the anchor being used.

An installation instruction manual is included in every box of anchors that informs the user how to set the anchors correctly. As the anchors have been tested and approved based on their installation with an SIW 22T-A, this implies that the SIW 22T-A is the official recommended impact wrench for installing the HUS3-H 14 anchors.

For more information on changes relating to compliance with the standards, installation requirements or further technical expert support, please get in touch with Hilti today.

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