SAQ General Meeting – 17th June 2019


We would like to thank all of our guest presenters and the members who attended our second General Meeting for 2019! I think all attendees will agree that the presentations were informative, interesting and really relevant and on topic in our industry.

Here’s an overview of what was discussed and presented at this General Meeting:



Construction Outlook for 2019 – Shane Rodgers, Queensland Head (State Director) at Australian Industry Group (AiGroup)

Shane joined us to give all of our members an update on the current state of the economy as it relates to the construction industry. Shane shared many interesting trends and insights with us and gave us a great overview of where we have been in the past and predictions for future, following the recent re-election of the coalition government. Shane also shared forecasts for Queensland construction industry, zeroing in on the many infrastructure projects and the benefits this will have for our state. We thank Shane for his continued commitment to the association and for sharing his knowledge willingly with our members.



Labour Hire Licencing, Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment Act) & Industrial Manslaughter Legislation – Jonathon Hadley, Partner, Gadens Lawyers.

Jonathon Hadley from Gadens is an Associate Member of the SAQ and has over the years provided our members with a wealth of information on legislation changes and updates as relates to the construction industry in Queensland. Today Jonathon gave us an update to the Labour Hire Licensing Act, outlining which companies this act applies to and the details on terminologies used in the act, the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment Act) including the effect of this Act, why it was necessary and the outcomes that it has presented, and the Industrial Manslaughter Legislation which included definitions of a PCBU, an Officer, the primary duties and due diligence of both as well as an update on the case law that was prosecuted under this legislation. For further information, click here to view Gaden’s profile on our website.


Ergoyne Products, solutions for a drops free zone – Brad Houlihan, Business Development Manager at Pryme, Ergodyne.

Today Brad Houlihan took us through the range of trapping, tethering and topping products from Ergodyne (SAQ Associate Members). Brad showed us the statistics from accidents that included dropped objects, as well as the ANSI/ISEA 121 Dropped Objects Standard and what it covers. Ergodyne have a great range of products that have been specifically designed around weight loads and ease of use including coil lanyards, hard hat lanyards, tool lanyards, retractable tethering, and hoist buckets. Ergodyne also have a range of training resources including video’s, blogs and product and information flyers. For further information, click here to view Ergodyne’s profile on our website.




Compliance & Engineering, industry trends and products, anchors – Mary Michales, Qld & WA Engineering Leader, Hilti Australia

Mary Michales is a Senior Engineer with Hilti Australia (and SAQ Associate Member) and has a wealth of knowledge around industry regulations and compliance. Mary took us through SA TS101:2015, Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings for use in concrete, the NCC as relates to specification for anchors as well as AS 5216:2018, AS 1576.1:2019, the Scaffolding Code and methods for testing and compliance of anchors. Mary and David Taylor demonstrated the Hilti range of products that can assist our members with their scaffolding applications which were really relevant and informative, and a fantastic range of products. For further information, click here to view Hilti Australia’s profile on our website.



Introduction to Risk Management of Alcohol & Drugs in the Workplace – Rob Bruhl, Managing Director, DrugSafe Workplaces

Rob Bruhl is Managing Director of DrugSafe Workplaces who are Associate Members of the SAQ. Rob joined us today to introduce us to the risk management of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Rob demonstrated how to actively manage an Alcohol & Drug policy including our rights and obligations, the hazards associated with alcohol and drug use in the workplace, the benefits of a drug safe workplace, as well as screening and testing programs and examples of outcomes for companies who did and did not have an active Alcohol and Drug Policy. Rob has a special deal for SAQ members who are welcome to contact him for details on this special deal. For further information, click here to view DrugSafe Workplace’s profile on our website.




SAQ News and Information – President of the SAQ, Rob Thiess

President of the SAQ, Rob Thiess, regularly updates our members on what is happening in our industry and is really in touch with the issues and opportunities that he presents to us. Here is an overview of what Rob presented to our members today:

    • Scaffolding Code of Practice Review – Update and dates when this code will be active.
    • Fire Retardant Scaffolding Containment – AS 1576.7 update, and the date that the interim standard will be published.
    • Technical Guidance Documents from the SAQ.
    • The recent scaffold collapse in Sydney – Current investigations, possible causes, and points to consider for our own scaffold structures.
    • Current issues that our industry is facing from Workplace Health & Safety Queensland, and discussions on how we tackle these issues as a whole and united industry.
    • Construction Stair issues including a presentation from Mick Allen from Haki with possible solutions.
    • Reporting of unsafe scaffold structures.
    • Current issues the SAQ is seeing with the unsafe loading of scaffolds and advice on weight ratings.
    • Information on the SAQ Exhibition to be held before our AGM in August.


NEW MEMBER BENEFIT! This year the SAQ has started filming General Meetings which are available to members on YouTube. This is especially useful for members who are unable to attend on the day, including our regional members. These recordings are also great for members to use as a refresher on what they learned that day, or to circulate to members of their staff.

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