SAQ General Meeting – 21st May 2018

As a member of the Scaffolding Association Queensland (SAQ), you are invited to attend our General Meetings. General Meetings are a great place to connect and network with your peers in the scaffolding industry in Queensland.

We have a range of guest speakers that present on the issues and opportunities available to us all in our great industry. Topics include any legislation updates that will affect your business, Workplace Health & Safety information, new products and innovations as well as general business information.

General Meetings are also a place for you to raise any issues or concerns you are having in your business that you would like the SAQ to help you tackle. The SAQ provides you with a united voice in our industry.

Here is an overview of what was discussed and presented at our General Meeting on 21st May 2018.

  • The importance of a good, functional and up to date website – Shen Lam from Eightball Media (the web designers behind the SAQ website) presented on the importance of a good website in our technological age. Shen explained what should be considered when building a new website, what SEO is and how it works, and things you can do to increase your ranking on google.
  • The Scaffolding industry in Queensland from a WHSQ point of view – Peter Rees from Workplace Health & Safety Queensland gave us a presentation on the issues and opportunities in our industry from a WHSQ point of view. Peter presented our members with what we are doing well, and where we can improve. Members also had the chance to ask questions about the direction and priorities of WHSQ
  • Layher company & products – Hugh McDonald, Managing Director of Layher Australia, presented on the Layher company and product offering. Hugh concentrated on Layher Lightweight which is the result of extensive R&D, designed to make scaffolding easier, safer and, above all, cost-effective for Layher customers. Hugh presented Layher’s products in action which was a series of photos and explanations of their work, it was very impressive!
  • Look up and Live Application – Glen is the Principal Community Safety Specialist for Energy Queensland and his role involves travelling our great state educating business and the public on electrical safety. Energy Queensland in conjunction with Ergon and Energex have recently released the “Look up and Live Application” and Glen demonstrated how this application works and the benefits that it can give our members in supplying all of the electrical data for your project site. Glen demonstrated to our members the rules of a basic electrical circuit and how this applies to us if a human is involved in this circuit, and what to do in the case of an electrical event.
  • Stop the Drops; Fall prevention for tools – Cary Winton from Height Dynamics joined us to present their innovative range of Stop the Drops, fall prevention for tools products.
  • Launch of the “Members Only” section of the SAQ website – Erryn O’Brien from Honour Marketing presented the Members section of the SAQ website. The Members section contains information that is for members only including information specific to their membership as well as a range of industry information.
  • Scaffolding Code of Practice Review – President of the SAQ, Rob Thiess, gave our members an update on how the COP review is progressing and the items that have been finalised. The SAQ is representing our members in this review with Rob and Vice President, Tim McGregor, and Committee member, Mick Stewart, also on the review panel.


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